20 gallon tank with fluorescent light, filter, extra filter pads, air pump, gravel vac, plants, rocks $50 Daniel 707-580-6822
38 gallon fish tank aquarium with stand, a marine land led light( has both white and blue moon lights, 200 watt aqueon heater, aqua clear 70 filter with media, air pump and airstone, automatic feeder, decorations and lots of supplies. Tank is 36 inches long, 12 wide and 18 high. It's a complete set up in excellent condition $160
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50 gallon fish tank 4 feet wide and 19 inches high. Does not leak!
Selling my 75 gallon fish tank its only couple months old, comes with gravel, real plants, filter, lights, and fish if wanted asking 300 OBO I need it gone asap

Fish tank

Furniture included, one lamp, two ornaments, little stones.
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A bunch of stuff on the sidewalk, pick it up asap. 3170 Hancock place, Fremont
days agoMorgan Hill, CA+23 milesFree Stuff
55gal fish tank / hospital bed. If your not really gonna come get please dont bother replying.
over a month agoStanford, CA+17 milesPet Fish for Sale
1 fish tank, three fishes (1 black value 15USD, 2 yellows value five USD/each) 1 food box (2/3 left, bought twelve USD) electrical filter light, clean accessories ... one color stone box (new) a glass table to put the fish tank Everything for 25 USD only
over a month agoStanford, CA+17 milesPet Fish for Sale
terrific condition i also have some fish accessories, including decorations (like shells), and fish filters
over a month agoStanford, CA+17 milesPet Fish for Sale
Moving. We have a nice five gallon tank with filter and a good gold barb. Could use a nice home. Comes with everything you need to keep it going (filter packs water treatment solution, ect.)
http://www.amazon.com/Back-Roots-Water-Garden/dp/B00CN52TRM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=144141XXXX&sr=8-1&keywords=back+to+the+roots&pebp=1441410888712&perid=1TMXAGTMK8RR0E2SJ7TC Comes with beta fish food and water conditioner.
similar to the 1 below with water treatment and fish treatment chemicals included. moving/ free to 1st person who emails me. pickup in sunnyvale/mountain view area https://www.google.com/shopping/product/12107939641677018955?lsf=seller:8064,store:7144237988671656311&prds=oid:1160923666648527044&q=10+gallon+fish+tank&hl=en&ei=YN2oV4guwriPA4r3nMAJ&lsft=utm_source:GOOGLE,utm_term:,utm_medium:cpc,u...
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Selling two 10-gallon fish tanks. $60 each. Each comes with a 100w heater, gravel, decorations, undergravel filter, fake plants, thermometer. Have 1 fish net, 2 fish bowls, and left over food (each tank held 1 betta). One of the tanks has a light and a cover. A cover for the other tank can easily be purchased on Amazon. The images are accurate except that I replaced the real plants pictured wit...
over a month agoStanford, CA+17 milesPet Fish for Sale
Selling a 10-gallon fish tank. Comes with a 100w heater, gravel, Roman themed decorations, undergravel filter, air pump, fake plants, thermometer, 1 fish net, one liter of water conditioner. A fully functioning aquarium system/everything you need to start your tank.
Have you been looking for a new family pet? We are moving and would love our betta fish, Taco to go to a new home. He comes with a 3.5 gallon tank, a heater keeping his water at a balmy 78 degrees, a filter and various tank decorations. We also have all you need to keep him healthy: food pellets, bloodworm treats, five in 1 water testing kit, fin and body rot cure, extra plant, extra gravel, wa...
over a month agoStanford, CA+17 milesPet Fish for Sale
This is a 16-gallon fish tank with ALL the equipment imaginable that you need to have healthy awesome fish. We've had this tank for many years (and a few of the fish traveled from the UK a few years ago and are still happy and healthy). Our estimate is that overall with the equipment and the products (e.g., tests, medicines) there's easily more than 400 $ worth of products here. 1) Fish tank (A...